Tuesday, October 30, 2012


teks ni tuk saringan.. n aku kalah.. x dpt ke final


In 5 minutes, please lend me your ears to listen what I am going to share with all of you.
Distinguished guests
Dedicated adjudicators
And last but not least, L&G,

The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department of Perlis brings you MOHD NAZRULLAH BIN ABDUL AZIZ to talk about CREATING INNOVATORS AT WOKPLACE.

Members of the floor,

An innovator in a general sense, is a person or an organization who is one of the first to introduce into reality something better than before. That often opens up a new area for others and achieves an innovation. Therefore, innovators are important in every organization in the world. Organizations without innovators will be left behind by the competitors. How do we create innovators at our workplace? In our organization? Here are some of the answers. I will highlight three main measures for organizations to create innovators at workplace. They are:
  1. By conducting awareness program
  2. By giving encouragement, and
  3. Through organizational learning


The first measure to create innovators at workplace is by conducting awareness programs in our organization. It is very important for all employees to know about the goals and missions of the organization for them to be innovative. The awareness programs should highlight the importance of innovation in the organization as well as provide sufficient information on the incentive that the staff will get if they are innovative. Let me share with you some of the awareness programs organized to create innovators at workplace. One of the programs is Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum or known as KLIF 2012. IT was jointly organized by MOSTI and Malaysian Innovation Foundation (YIM). In this forum, high level speakers and participants representing the public, private and civil sectors, and academicians, share successful experiences and deliberate on related issues to promote a global, regional and national agenda such as Towards Achieving an Innovative Society Status and a High Income and Advanced Economy. By sharing this knowledge, the employees will be more exposed to the innovation world where finally they will get some ideas on how to innovate something that they have at the moment at their workplace.
There are many more programs organized by the government and private sectors in creating innovators at workplace such as Science and Innovation Carnival, which was organized by MOSTI and KL World Innovation Expo which was organized by NICE, YIM, BioTech Corp and National Nanotechnology Directorate.


The second measure in creating innovators at workplace is by giving encouragement to the employees to innovate at their workplace. One of the ways to encourage them is through awards. There are so many awards created by many government agencies to encourage workers to be innovative. For instance, National Innovation Award, CIPTA 1Malaysia Award, National Young Scientist Award, National Technologist Award and many more. Let me explain to you one of them, Piala CIPTA Award. Piala CIPTA Award is a nationwide search for champions of innovation and airs on TV3 as a reality program called ‘Dengan Inovasi, Yo!’ It starts with workshops before the competition phase and culminates towards a final inter-state round. At the end, the winners of the competition are announce and honored at a grand peer-to-peer awards ceremony. By having this kind of competition, the employees will be more motivated to be innovative. Other than that, incentives should also be given to the workers who put a lot of effort in innovation. For example, the innovation should be taken into consideration for the promotion of the staff. This is important that the other staff will be more motivated to be innovative so that they can be promoted faster. In my department, Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department for example, Creative and Innovative Group, also known as KIK is really encouraged by the superiors especially the General Director, YAS Dato’ Wan Mohd Noor Ibrahim. There is a competition among Creative and Innovative Groups starting with Zone level, followed by State and National Level. This effort will enable staff at every level to get involve in innovating something related to their daily operation routines. This is also encouraging the staff to be involved with research and design.


Another measure to create innovators at workplace is through organizational learning. This is very important to instill knowledge sharing culture across organizations. Agencies like Malaysian Innovation Foundation (YIM), Malaysian Innovation Agency and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia (MOSTI) are some of the agencies that are willing to assist and facilitate any organizations in innovation. These bodies will help in sharing the innovation culture, instill the awareness, understanding and increase the commitment among employees in their effort to acculturate innovation at workplace. By having the experienced facilitators from the right agencies will make our organization more rooms for innovation to improve our delivery system of our products and services. This will also provide opportunities for inventors to create network with other inventors from other organizations, potential investors and relevant stakeholders such as government agencies and corporate companies.

My fellow audience,

I think that’s all I have for now. I have explain the three ways of creating innovators at workplace, which are

  1. By conducting awareness program
  2. By giving encouragement, and
  3. Through organizational learning

Thank you…

Oh ya, I forgot to ask you something.

Can you imagine what is going to happen to the world without innovators? No cars, no computers, no mobile phones… will remain in the stone age where we’re not wearing anything.

Thank you. 

Monday, October 29, 2012


merindui dia tatkala keseorangan
kerna dia memahami gerak aku
dia juga memahami tingkah aku


Monday, October 22, 2012


Siapa anak kedua dalam family.meh sini baca fakta ini!!!!!!!!!!
Anak no 2 ni mesti no 2 dalam family kan? Orang panggil dia angah or kak ngah (hehe).

sebab apa-apa pun mesti dia akan diutamakan oleh ibu. ^^

Anak kedua dikatakan lebih degil, keras kepala dan tidak mendengar kata. semua dia aje yg betul. dlm ramai-ramai adik beradik dia aje yg KETEGAQ. kemahuan dia
kuat. kalau buat sesuatu sungguh-sungguh.kalau tak nak tu, tak nak lah jawabnya, boleh dipujuk tapi selalunya tak berapa jalan.

memang anak no 2 ni dia tak pandai pujuk makwe or pakwe dia. (ciannn)

dia kalau bercinta, sangat setia.sanggup berkorban. :D

Apa yg dikatakan semua dipegang.kalau hitam, hitam lah kalau putih, putih lah.degil tak boleh toleransi.

Anak no 2 ni juga nampak aje keras.tp hati dia lembut.SATU lagi pe'el dia.dia tak boleh ditegur.

Very independent.memang betul.tp kalau terlebih independent pun payah.mudah
bergaul.very take care.

Anak no 2 ni juga dia payah nk terima arahan.dia lebih suka buat hal sendiri pendek kata tak boleh kerja ngan orang.

tidak dinafikan anak no 2 ni pun pemaaf dan caring.TAPI awas jangan bagi diorang marah kalau diorang marah faham saje lah.

Nak semua up to date.semua nak kemas.